We are always in need of volunteers to help Arena Theater to show movies and bring you live shows! Consider supporting our local, non-profit theater by giving your time to help create a fun experience. Many of the people you see working in the theater and at live events are volunteers—they are the ones popping your popcorn, taking tickets, maintaining the building, producing shows and more!

Volunteer requirements:

  • At least 16 years of age
  • Ability to communicate and work well with others
  • Positive attitude!


  • Free drink and popcorn!
  • Free admission to the live show or cinema event you are volunteering for

Volunteer opportunities include (but are not limited to):

  • Popping our beloved organic popcorn
  • Taking Tickets
  • Theater Host*
  • Hospitality**
  • Housing for visiting artists
  • People to help us distribute flyers and get the word out about upcoming events.
  • Show Producer
  • Facilities maintenance crew
  • Social networking

Applicants for these positions will be trained and have the opportunity to shadow an experienced volunteer. Contact our business office for more information or to volunteer now!

*Theater Host is the go to person the night of the event and his/her responsibilities include liaison with staff, volunteers and band to make sure everything runs smoothly. The successful candidate for this volunteer position knows how to stay calm under pressure, is organized and can think on their feet. A detailed list of responsibilities is available on request.

**Hospitality before the show includes getting the dressing room and/or Green Room ready for performers before they arrive. (Prepare hot and cold beverages, food, extras, all supplied by the theater). After the show the hospitality person helps with cleanup of items such as drink cups and left over food.

Both tasks are fun and challenging at the same time, and you’ll get to meet a wide variety of artists and personalities. (No shortage of the latter!)

Arena Theater Lobby
Arena Theater Foyer
Arena Theater Stage View
Arena Theater snack bar